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If you’re a student or a teacher looking to screen FREEMAN for educational purposes, your school can easily purchase an one-off rental or lifetime access to the film here - as well as access the ATOM Study Guide which is designed to help students discuss the film as part of their curriculum learning.


Loved the film? How about hosting a public screening of FREEMAN in your community or workplace? Screenings can be a great way to bring people together, share memories of a moment that still means so much to us and discuss some of the issues raised by the film. They can include an online panel discussion or guest speakers before or after the screening. Screenings can also be a great way to fundraise for the Cathy Freeman Foundation. 

We will support your screening by sending you a copy of the film and marketing collateral to help you promote the screening.

License fees vary depending on audience size, whether the screening is free or ticketed, and whether it is a fundraiser.

Please get in touch here so we can discuss your proposed screening and quote you an appropriate screening license.

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